Caulfield aquatics Achieves Platinum Pool Status – An Ongoing Commitment to Aquatic Safety

Caulfield aquatics has once again earned the prestigious “Platinum Pool” status from
Life Saving Victoria (LSV), solidifying its unwavering dedication to ensuring the highest levels of safety within its amazing aquatic facility. This renewal of the respected recognition is a testament to Caulfield Grammar’s enduring commitment to the well-being of its students and facility users.

The Platinum Pool status is a respected accolade awarded exclusively to aquatic facilities that consistently demonstrate exemplary safety standards. Achieving this honour involves passing a comprehensive series of safety assessments, ensuring strict adherence to all criteria established by LSV for accreditation.

Dean Jamieson, Caulfield Grammar Leisure Manager, expressed his satisfaction, saying, “We are extremely proud of our achievement of Platinum Pool status once again. Caulfield Grammar’s renewal of its Platinum Pool status underlines its enduring commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety, even as we expand our aquatic programs and usage. This commitment reflects the school’s dedication to offering a comprehensive aquatic experience while prioritising safety.”

At a time where aquatic safety is of paramount importance, Caulfield Grammar continues to set the standard as the sole school in Victoria to have achieved Platinum Pool status. This exclusive distinction highlights Caulfield Grammar’s commitment to safeguarding the well-being of its students and the broader community.

Earning Life Saving Victoria’s Platinum Pool status is a significant achievement and signifies the pinnacle of aquatic safety. Caulfield Grammar’s ongoing commitment to this standard exemplifies their dedication to safety and excellence. As they continue to uphold these exceptional standards, the safety and well-being of their aquatic facility’s users will remain their top priority.